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Champ Car 2007: What’s going on? 2nd April 2007, 20:35

The Champ Car World Series fires up this weekend but with only days to go there are still seats unfilled and top drivers without teams. The whole series seems to be in upheaval. Not only has the old Lola chassis been dumped for the new Panoz DP01, but practically every team is undergoing major change.

Proposed Singapore F1 street track layout

The final configuration of the Singapore F1 track has been revealed since this article was published Click here for a map and guide to the Singapore street circuit and click here for a video simulation lap of the track Singapore’s proposed Grand Prix street circuit includes two bridges and three-quarters of a roundabout. (Click image […]

Debate: Death TV

The huge growth of internet video sites has made all manner of F1 footage readily available – even if it doesn’t meet with the approval of Formula One Administration.

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