Premier 1 GP v2.0

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Premier 1 Grand Prix logoNo, it’s not a late April Fool. Someone has dragged up the ‘motor racing-meets-football idea’ again. It was last heard of when a group of investors came up with the desperately naff ‘Premier 1 GP’ concept in the early ’00s.

The ‘Superleague Formula’ proposes a 20 car series of single seater cars backed by football teams kicking off in August 2008. Unsurprisingly, one of the prime movers behind the concept was also involved in the Premier 1 abortion – Robin Webb.

“An average top [football] club could raise between ??????14-18m in the five years of the contract that we are aiming for,” said Alex Andreu, the marketeer who’s teamed up with Webb on the idea. Sounds very familiar.

He added: “What motor racing brings is obvious; it’s technology, cars, noise, glamour. What football brings is the heart, the passion and the emotions.” Because, of course, the Italians aren’t passionate about F1, the Finns aren’t passionate about rallying, and the Americans aren’t passionate about the Indy 500…

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