Debate: Traction control gone – what’s next?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Heinz Harald Frentzen, Jordan, Sepang, 2001The banning of traction control for 2008 is, for many, the remedying of one of Formula 1’s greatest ills. But what is the next big problem the sport needs to fix?

However big a difference it may make to the racing is debatable. Already F1 designers are queueing up to downplay the importance of the move.

But for those who want F1 to have a credible reputation, banning a ‘driver aid’ like traction control is utterly imperative. The suggestion that F1 drivers need a computer to help them drive the car makes F1 look like less of a sport.

So what is the one issue that the governing body needs to fix next?

Reduce aerodynamics? More interesting circuits? Environmentally-friendly cars? Slick tyres? What’s number one on your list?

Or is everything fine and dandy now that traction control’s gone?

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