…and we’re back

OK I admit it: We were not prepared for the enormous growth in popularity of F1Fanatic over the past few weeks.

It’s been a thrill to see you all visiting the site in your thousands – but an unwelcome side-effect was that it crashed the server the site was running on! I can’t blame Max Mosley for this one…

Long story short, we’ve now moved servers and everything is hunky-dory again. It’s back to business as usual for F1Fanatic. Big thanks to those of you who dropped me a line to check that I hadn’t been hit by a bus!

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12 comments on …and we’re back

  1. I didn’t know there was an outage, I thought it was because there is no race until Spain…

  2. I thought a site redesign was going on, but it’s good to see informative sites like this one growing. Keep up the good work, Clive!

  3. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 27th April 2007, 22:50

    Thanks very much, but my name is Keith…

  4. Cooperman said on 27th April 2007, 22:50

    I can’t tell whether “enormous growth in popularity of F1Fanatic” is spin or not but either way it’s good that you’re back!!

  5. Wesley said on 28th April 2007, 1:09

    glad your back…missed you in my daily routine!

  6. About time too. Man, we missed you, Keith!

    And my name is Clive… :D

  7. Good ! , Glad to see the site back up again !

  8. Sorry, Keith – I really should try browsing your blog when I’m not half-asleep…

  9. Don’t worry, you can blame Max Mosely for anything.

  10. Nice One!! i can keep up to date again now, i don’t blame Max Mosely just James Allen,

  11. long time visitor coming out of lurk mode just to say its great to have you back…

  12. Journeyer said on 29th April 2007, 5:00

    Yay! It’s finally back! Was a bit worried there, but hey, all is good and well again. :)

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