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The Ben Evans Column – Thoughts on Monaco 31st May 2007, 13:00

The Monaco Grand Prix was everything and nothing that F1 should be. The glamour and sheer exhilaration of the cars flying around the streets was tempered by the shameless commercialism of the event and the total absence of overtaking. The darling of the British press Lewis Hamilton believes he was robbed of the win by […]

Banned! Tuned mass dampers

The biggest technical controversy of last season was the banning of Renault’s ‘tuned mass damper’ suspension system. It put Renault’s championship defence in jeopardy and seriously questioned the impartiality of the FIA. Many in the paddock suggested the governing body were trying to engineer a final championship victory for the retiring Michael Schumacher. In a […]

Debate: What’s your favourite F1 site?

What other F1 websites do you view? Got any particular favourites? Perhaps you run an F1 or motor racing site of your own – if you do, please post a comment below and tell us what’s on your site.

McLaren cleared by FIA over Monaco ‘team orders’ 30th May 2007, 19:04

The FIA has cleared McLaren of any wrongdoing in the Monaco Grand Prix. The governing body stated that the team brought Hamilton into the pits earlier than necessary to avoid his race being compromised if the safety car had come out. They agreed McLaren would have been “foolish” to do otherwise. But there are still […]

Bad rule calls screwed Davidson’s race

Anthony Davidson made two criticisms of the race stewards at the Monaco Grand Prix. Ordinarily you’d dismiss this as the whingeing of a driver who didn’t get the job done. But he’s actually right on both counts. The stewards failed to discipline two drivers who cut part of the course. And it strongly looks as […]

The F1 Cool Wall

F1Fanatic presents the first ever F1 Cool Wall. Shamelessly ripped off from Top Gear the F1 Fanatic cool wall tells you what’s hot and what’s not in Formula 1. Ron Dennis, BMW, Jude Law and more are on the wall this time. Read on to find out where…

Monaco Grand Prix 2007 wallpapers

A selection of photos from the Monaco Grand Prix weekend are available to download for your desktop. Enjoy! Related links Wallpapers Monaco Grand Prix 2007 review: One and two finish one-two Tags: f1 / formula one / formula 1 / grand prix / motor sport

Michael Schumacher and Zinedine Zidane 29th May 2007, 20:27

Michael Schumacher will give the retired French international footballer Zinedine Zidane a passenger ride at the French Grand Prix. You can’t miss the irony. Both retired last year despite stoking great controversy in their swansong seasons. Schumacher was thrown to the back of the grid at Monte-Carlo for deliberately blocking the circuit. Zidane was sent […]

Our Lewis

I couldn’t let it pass without remarking that The Sun has christened Lewis Hamilton ‘Our Lewis’. Twelve months ago they didn’t know who he was – much less care. Now he’s ‘Our Lewis’, there’s papperazi outside his house and he’ll probably leave the country to get away from them.

Monaco Grand Prix 2007 facts & statistics

The Monaco Grand Prix threw up plenty of fascinating facts: The fewest retirements in 46 years, the first consecutive winners in over a decade, and yet more astonishing records for that man Lewis Hamilton. Plus McLaren and Ferrari’s domination continues – and Honda finally get on terms with Super Aguri.

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