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The Ben Evans column – The most exciting motor sport 2nd May 2007, 21:18

Since the racing season started again I have gorged myself on the many fruits of motor sport. A lot of it has been edge-of-the-seat stuff So I’ve compiled my favourite ten must-watch series. Obviously the boundaries are fast and loose, but it’s my column so my rules. For example I’m including both cars and bikes […]

Does GP2 have too many ex-F1 drivers?

Giorgio Pantano, Antonio Pizzonia, Timo Glock. All ex-F1 drivers whose first cracks at the sport didn’t go according to plan. Now they are in F1’s semi-official ‘feeder’ series GP2. Indeed two of them – Pantano and Pizzonia – are being paid for their services, which is almost unheard of in this kind of category. But […]

NASCAR fans banned

Following the dangerous behaviour of several NASCAR fans at the recent Talladega race, it’s heartening to see that the circuit has banned those responsible from future events. Zero tolerance is the only way to deal with those who would jeopardise driver safety just because they don’t like a result. NASCAR fans arrested after Talladega disgrace […]

Ross Brawn slates ITV F1 coverage

The poor quality of current F1 TV coverage has finally been given regard by an important figure in the F1 community. Ross Brawn, on sabbatical from Ferrari, has watched the first three races of the F1 season on TV from the UK and reckoned: It’s a very frustrating business to watch F1 on British TV. […]

Debate: Are F1 races too long?

Flavio Briatore is banging the “let’s spice up the show” drum again: A one hour and 30 minute race is too long because the last 30 minutes is really boring. Maybe one race of 45 minutes and one race of one hour with a reverse grid in the second race like we do in GP2. […]

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