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Valencia to be second F1 street track in 2008 10th May 2007, 18:49

Spain’s second Grand Prix has been confirmed for 2008 with the announcement that the European Grand Prix will be held on the streets of Valencia. The Hermann-Tilke designed track will chart a course around the city’s Americas Cup port. The city announced a seven-year deal with Bernie Ecclestone today. It will be the first time […]

Banned! Four wheel drive

Several teams dabbled with four wheel drive cars before the technology was outlawed but all struggled to get enough of an advantage from the technology to justify the sacrifices made on other parts of the car. Often it was only when four-wheel drive power transmission was paired with other technologies that would be banned – […]

Debate: Should Ecclestone buy Silverstone?

Nigel Mansell made a return to racing action at Silverstone last weekend at the wheel of a Ferrari F430 in the FIA GT championship. He and Silverstone were synonymous in the Mansell-mania years of 1987-92. In that time he scored some of the most memorable home victories the circuit ever saw, and the crowd mobbed […]

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