UK government not interested in Grand Prix

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Silverstone, UK flag, 2006Interest in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone seems to be growing thanks to the Lewis Hamilton effect – but don’t expect the British government to care.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport stated that the government does not bother to track foreign visitors coming to the UK for the Grand Prix, despite the obvious benefits it brings to the Northamptonshire region.

The statement was made in a reply to a question put by the Conservative MP for East Yorkshire Greg Knight.

The government is happy to put ???9.35bn of public money into staging the Olympics. Yet it will not commit a fraction of that sum to invest in the British Grand Prix, when thousands of British jobs are invested in the highly specialised motor sport industry.

Britain does not need a race circuit built with multi-million pound state funding like China. But it desperately needs and genuinely deserves some financial backing from the government – instead of the odd platitude from the DCMS which serves only to conceal their total disinterest in a sport where Britain excels.

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