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Ferrari reveals new car colour 24th May 2007, 13:49

OK, it’s still red. But it’s a better red than before – a subtly deeper, richer shade closer to classic Ferrari scarlet than the paler colour used in deference to Marlboro for the past decade. It’s an understated change but I think the car definitely looks better for it. What do you reckon?

Debate: Monaco Grand Prix vs Indy 500

Both have been hailed as the greatest race in the world – and both take place this Sunday. Each has a long and proud history and have been won by the greats of motor racing. But with American open wheel motor racing in a terrible state, does the Monaco Grand Prix outstrip the Indianapolis 500 […]

Banned: McLaren’s rear brake pedal

Of the dozens of technologies banned by F1’s governing body through the years, McLaren’s rear brake pedal stands out as one of the most unjust bannings. It was banned early in 1998 as McLaren made a stunningly dominant start to the year. Following a protest by Ferrari the system, that had previously been declared legal, […]

Beltoise scores his only win – and BRM’s last – at Monaco

The 1972 Monaco Grand Prix was in many ways a strange affair. It produced the debut victory for a man who would never win again and the circuit was in a state of flux.

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