Ferrari reveals new car colour

New Ferrari colour

New Ferrari colour

OK, it’s still red. But it’s a better red than before – a subtly deeper, richer shade closer to classic Ferrari scarlet than the paler colour used in deference to Marlboro for the past decade.

It’s an understated change but I think the car definitely looks better for it. What do you reckon?

New Ferrari colour

New Ferrari colour

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2 comments on Ferrari reveals new car colour

  1. here’s what i’m thinking.

    ferrari knew people would be kicking up a fuss about tobacco branding, and maybe refusing to publish pictures of the team. because they didn’t want that to happen (in monaco of all places), they made a change that would ensure fans would be interested in *seeing* pictures of the team.

    how can you *not* show images of a car that’s returned to it’s proper colour for the first time in years.

    subtle, but clever. hats off to the marketing peeps i say.

  2. Journeyer said on 25th May 2007, 22:36

    Yup, I’d agree there. The red is just plain lovely, I say. :)

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