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Monaco Grand Prix 2007 review – One and two finish one-two 27th May 2007, 15:26

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton gave McLaren its second one-two of the year. The silver crew comfortably had the beating of Ferrari at Monte-Carlo – but they still let their drivers fight around every corner of the circuit for the victory. By the time they cooled off the battle in the dying stages Felipe Massa’s […]

Monaco Grand Prix 2007 qualifying – McLaren lock-out

The battle for pole position at Monte-Carlo was a private McLaren affair from start to finish. After a three round battle between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton the world champion came out on top. Plus there was a bonus for the team when Kimi Raikkonen damaged his Ferrari and consigned himself to 16th on the […]

“An Independent Man – the Autobiography” (Eddie Jordan, 2007)

Eddie Jordan is Marmite personified. To some he’s F1’s much-missed wheeler-dealer cheeky chappy – but plenty of others remember him as a whingeing upstart whose team might have been more successful ahd he run a tighter ship. This being an autobiography it will doubtless provide plenty of fodder for both sides to support their points […]

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