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Green F1: Right idea, wrong approach 1st June 2007, 13:00

Max Mosley is on a mission: F1 must became the vanguard of environmentally friendly car technology. Mosley wants F1 to be a showcase for the world’s car manufacturers to display their environmental credentials. And he wants a radical set of F1 rules for 2011 to enshrine that. It’s deeply divisive and controversial. I agree with […]

This week’s F1 alternative: Indy car Milwaukee

There’s no F1 race this weekend but there’s a whole world of F1 alternatives to choose from. The Indy car race at the Milwaukee Mile was traditionally held the weekend following the Indianapolis 500. That tradition has been restored this year as the IRL cars return to Milwaukee this weekend – following the prestigious Indy […]

F1 in the news 37: Safety car racers

In the F1 news this week the safety car drivers that race each other every F1 weekend. Plus the fallout from 2005 United States Grand Prix is still in the air, Lewis Hamilton’s little brother gets an F1 trophy, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed is coming up.

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