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The leaders are losers 4th June 2007, 20:23

What do Lewis Hamilton, Paul di Resta and Andy Priaulx have in common? Yes, they’re all talented British racing drivers. But they’re also all leading the championships they compete in – F1, DTM and WTCC respectively – despite not having won a race this year. And all of those championships use the FIA’s much-criticised 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 […]

Debate: Are 2007 F1 cars ugly?

Every F1 car is an exercise in function over form. But sometimes the by-product of ultimate speed is automotive beauty. Most F1 fans can reel off a list of the F1 cars they found the most attractive. Today’s cars are distinctive for being peculiarly narrow – as demanded by the regulations – and bristling with […]

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