Debate: The best ITV F1 title theme tune

ITVA light-hearted debate this afternoon, I thought.

ITV have been bringing F1 races to us in Britain live for over a decade. From the original funky Jamiroquai theme, to the Bachman Turner Overdrive remix, to today’s Moby tune, which is the best?

Check out the videos below and pick your favourite.

ITV F1 theme 1997-9

ITV F1 theme 2000-2

ITV F1 theme 2003-5

ITV F1 theme 2006-present

I like the second one most which is “Blackbeat” by Apollo 440. But I also liked the original Jamiroquai tune (and what an excellent choice petrolhead musician to compose it).

I’m a big fan of Moby’s early work, but the current theme “Lift Me Up” only reminds just how far downhill he’s gone. I never liked the Bachman Turner Overdrive version.

But here’s the crucial question – are any of them better than the BBC’s classic theme, “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac?

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38 comments on Debate: The best ITV F1 title theme tune

  1. Steve said on 8th June 2007, 13:48

    The current theme by Moby is a bit too dreary, the words lift me up said in a dull tone doesn’t do much for me. At least you only hear the full tune at the start and end of the programme. However, I think the jingle they use between adverts is simply depressing.
    The second theme ITV used by Apollo 440 was the best for me, but then I like that kind of music.
    They have used better music in some of the features and montages such as Feeder’s Just A Day and Kasabian’s Reason is Treason.

  2. The bachman turner overdrive sounds like the intro to fifth gear, the chain is still the best though. but out of the itv ones it has to be jamaroquis because its short but still good.

  3. nick said on 17th June 2007, 17:45

    Ive got to say formula 1 is still awesome even with all the changes. the best theme is the current one by moby “lift me up”. I think formula 1 has comeon leaps and bounds, the cars look amazing and although micheal schumacher is no longer a race driver I think it’s still unreal and hopefully it’l continue to grow and massa or kimi for the title.

  4. what IS that song at the end of the 1997 season kind of dancey and futuristic? I’d give someone £20 if they could provide me with the answer :P GO KIMI GO!

  5. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 13th August 2007, 22:36

    I know exactly the song you’re thinking of Mike. It’s “Ajare” by Way Out West, from the album also called “Way Out West”. It’s a fantastic song and one of my favourite albums.

    The music video is here:

  6. Ray Leach said on 26th August 2007, 11:37

    you just cant beat the chain it fits F1 so well!!!!

  7. Anita Holford said on 30th September 2007, 20:28

    The chain is the F1 theme tune, but that could be because it was when i started watching it, but i think the current tune is by far the best itv tune. I’m glad I stumbled across this site as i’ve been wondering for ages who did it.

  8. Mikey J said on 4th October 2007, 18:59

    Wasn’t there another one? I was sure that when Button started and he was seeing that Louise girly that she did one of the themes at least for a short time? Or am I just an old man and and my ears are getting weak?

  9. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th October 2007, 21:02

    I think you’re right Mikey – it was a one-off though if I remember correctly.

  10. Dave S said on 6th October 2007, 21:09

    the best theme tune by far was chains by fleetwood mac that was usedby the bbc they got it just right. as for the commentators murrey walker will never be beaten, his enthusiasm and love of the sport was shown throughout his broadcasting carrer. all i can say is murrey for prime minister !!

  11. Robert McKay said on 6th October 2007, 21:38

    The Apollo 440 one is the best ITV one, I think. Jamiroquai’s was very good too. The others have got progressively cheesier. The lastest one isn’t helped by the very camp pictures associated with it though :-D

    On a tangential note, given (a) how well Hamilton is doing and (b) how much of an average ITV F1 show is given over to talking about him, then it’s a bit odd they have only a split second shot of him in their titles this year. And Davidson’s picture is literally a subliminal image it’s so quick. It’s just odd DC and Button feture so prominently when, well, they don’t feature quite so prominently on race day.

  12. nellyweb said on 18th October 2007, 11:09

    They are all pretty sucky once they get going. The chain was the best by far.

    But, here’s the weird thing – don’t you just get goosebumps from the opening bars of all of them?

    Bring on Brazil!!

  13. definately the fleetwood mac theme tune is the best and only one for me ! when the DUMMMM ! der der dum der der der der der dum …..was heard its only one thing,the grand prix is about to start..

  14. Barry Hartman said on 16th November 2007, 12:06

    There is only one theme “The Chain”

    The rest are only also-rans at best or totally irrelevant to racing of any kind.

    Some of the graphics aren’t bad just so long as you do not suffer from epilepsy or something equivalent.

  15. The Chain all the way.

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