James Allen’s 100th Grand Prix

Six years ago James Allen officially took over the ITV mike from Murray Walker.

He had done a few live F1 broadcasts for ITV before then, and last weekend saw him rack up his 100th.

So it was quite fitting that the Canadian Grand Prix should be won by Lewis Hamilton – Allen makes no secret of the fact that he is a big fan of the McLaren driver.

Allen gets a very rough time from F1 fans, especially online, and I can’t say I’m a fan of his commentary style. I always thought he was better suited to the pit lane reporter role.

But whatever you think of him, you have to appreciate his enthusiasm.

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20 comments on James Allen’s 100th Grand Prix

  1. I’m not much of a fan of James Allen. I was a huge Murray Walker fan, so he pales into insignificance for me. To be fair, he doesn’t annoy me as much as he used to, but I find Martin Brundle’s commentary/analysis far more insightful. Does anyone think that the BBC will take him on? I’m hoping not, but it wouldn’t actually surprise me if they did.

  2. I’m sure the BBC has more class than to take on James Allen. All the comments above say it all. "Opinionated trap", "Muppet", "Annoying", Irritating"…… I just hope the Beeb only take on Brundle and Blundell. PLEASE let’s loose Allen and, for that matter, Steve Rider (boring) and Louise Goodman (master of the blindingly obvious). The Beeb showed how to do F1 with class before, they’ll show us again what we’ve been missing. And that’ll include better graphics and the welcome return of "The Chain" themetune, which ITV never managed to match!

  3. saqib javed said on 11th March 2009, 10:51

    You know, I started watching F1 only beacuse of James commentary and if he is not there in commentory box i will never watch F1 again.

  4. Ruebens said on 26th July 2009, 13:17

    Ithink James Allen sounds much better at the BBC. Probably better production.

  5. Brundletrundle said on 4th August 2009, 22:35

    Why are there no pigs driving in F1, or other farmyard animals. Even a fruit would be nice.

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