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Sebastien Vettel replaces Robert Kubica at Indianapolis 14th June 2007, 23:55

Sebastian Vettel will make his Grand Prix debut in the United States Grand Prix this weekend.

Ten of the best… American F1 drivers

There were no American drivers in F1 at all from 1994 to 2005. But the country has given F1 two champions and a host of Grand Prix winners.

Debate: Where should the US Grand Prix be held?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s contract to hold the United States Grand Prix runs out this year – should it get an extension on the contract? Or should the race be held somewhere else. The circuit has been criticised for being too unchallenging for the drivers and not worthy of the evocative name ‘Indianapolis’. But American […]

Watson surges to win from 17th in first Detroit race

Twenty-five years ago the F1 circus visited the United States three times in one season. The first ever Detroit Grand Prix was the second round in the USA that year.

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