Debate: Where should the US Grand Prix be held?

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United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis, 2005, startThe Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s contract to hold the United States Grand Prix runs out this year – should it get an extension on the contract? Or should the race be held somewhere else.

The circuit has been criticised for being too unchallenging for the drivers and not worthy of the evocative name ‘Indianapolis’.

But American race fans have had plenty to complain about as well. The 2002 race was reduced to a farce as Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello tried to engineer a dead heat finish.

Three years later only six of the 22 cars started the race after the Michelin-shod teams were forced to withdraw for safety reasons.

The nine different venues that have held the Grands Prix in the United States are listed below. There are many other great tracks in America not yet visited by F1 – such as the fantastic Road America circuit.

The United States also has a healthy appetite for street circuits, which F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is keen to see more of on the F1 calendar.

So what venue would best suit the United States Grand Prix?

Mario Andretti, Lotus-Cosworth, Long Beach, 1977Indianapolis Motor Speedway – oval (1950-60)
Sebring (1959)
Riverside (1960)
Watkins Glen (1961-80)
Long Beach (1975-83)
Detroit (1982-7)
Caeser’s Palace Hotel, Las Vegas (1981-2)
State Fair Park, Dallas (1984)
Pheonix (1989-91)
Indianapolis Motor Speedway – road course (2000-)

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50 comments on “Debate: Where should the US Grand Prix be held?”

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  1. Sebring would be awsome to see a formula 1 car go around in. I would like to see that

  2. Washington, DC should host the US F1 race. International city, Nations capital and no question the best backdrop of any potential road circuit in the United States. Imagine the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and US Capitol in the shots.

  3. Miami would be a superb venue for F1 in North America…I know nothing of the facilities available, but it is a lively international city…and, the off track amenities are perfect…think Baby Monaco…the San Francisco area (Laguna Seca) would also qualify for similar reasons

  4. Grand Prix of Miami is the perfect venue… Street course like Monaco its Miami no complaints from anyone there and its on the water as well and Miami can handle all the press and lodging

  5. US F1 tracks
    1. Sebring
    expand from 12 to 24hrs for ALMS.
    2. Laguna Seca
    3. Atlanta

  6. Street race ONLY in my opinion. Las Vegas–playground to the rich and famous of the US or South Beach in Miami…the American ‘Riviera’.

  7. Love Laguna Seca! Great Track!It’s like a mini nurburgring!

  8. Meaning the old 13 mile course!With the corkscrew!

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