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Ferrari technician in criminal investigation 21st June 2007, 18:41

Ferrari technical manager Nigel Stepney is under investigation in Italy following a complaint by the Italian team, according to Autosport. Ferrari’s only comment on the matter was: “Ferrari have taken action against Nigel Stepney, and there is now an investigation.” The Briton has been with the team since 1992 and was part of the team […]

Debate: Ferrari throwing the championship away?

What on earth happened to Ferrari? At the start of the year it was if the Schumacher dream team had never gone away. Kimi Raikkonen cruised to victory at Melbourne with one hand on the wheel. Despite a hiccup in Malaysia Felipe Massa was the man to beat in Bahrain and Spain. But now McLaren […]

Ten of the best… early Grand Prix winners

Which ten drivers scored their first Grand Prix win right at the start of their careers? Lewis Hamilton scored his first race win at his sixth attempt last week. Find out how many others beat him to it – including the first ever to win for Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher set for racing return

Michael Schumacher has confirmed his return to racing. He will compete in this year’s Race of Champions at the new Wembley Stadium in London. Schumacher last competed in the event in 2004 where he was famously defeated by Heikki Kovalainen. Kovalainen won the tournament. Also racing this year are David Coulthard and Jenson Button – […]

Three weeks to save the US GP

Tony George has given Bernie Ecclestone until July 12th to settle their deal on the 2008 United States Grand Prix. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has held the event since 2000 but it has a chequered past. The 2002 and 2005 events were spoiled by race-fixing and a mass walkout by many teams. The circuit’s original […]

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