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Pictures from Goodwood 23rd June 2007, 17:40

There’ll be plenty more F1 photos from Goodwood to follow but here’s a taster of some of the F1 cars to whet your appetite. Around 300 cars are taking to the famous Goodwood Hill this year and F1 machinery ranges from Ferraris and Mercedes from the 1950s right up to todays F1 cars from Honda, […]

Video: Rev limiters preventing overtaking

Rules brought in to reduce costs are making it harder for drivers to overtake. Engine rev limiters were imposed this year to reduce engine failures. But it’s clear from looking at videos from the United States Grand Prix that it’s made it even harder for one car to get past another.

F1 in the blogs 32: US GP under threat

There’s plenty in the F1 blogs this week about the future of the United States Grand Prix – don’t miss the Post of the Week below. Plus a doctor reacts to the Kubica crash and the spotlight falls on Fernando Alonso as he struggles to get on terms with Lewis Hamilton.

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