Video: Rev limiters preventing overtaking

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Indianapolis, 2007Rules brought in to reduce costs are making it harder for drivers to overtake.

Engine rev limiters were imposed this year to reduce engine failures.

But it’s clear from looking at videos from the United States Grand Prix that it’s made it even harder for one car to get past another.

Fernando Alonso catches the slipstream from team mate Lewis Hamilton and draws alongside him.

But just as his moves along the other McLaren the note of his Mercedes engine audibly flattens as it reaches the rev limit:

With the two cars travelling at the same speed there’s no chance for Alonso to pass. Even if he had been on the inside of Hamilton he would have found it difficult to pass.

Once again it seems the governing body have hurriedly implementing a regulation for one reason with no thought as to what side-effects it might have.

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