Official F1 site gets new look – but no video

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Official F1 site gets new look - but no has had a lick of paint and looks all shiny and new. But before you get all excited, no, they still aren’t offering any video.

But I’m sure they’ll keep on tearing F1 videos down from other sites with the monotonous regularity of Ralf Schumacher’s contract extensions.

The ‘social media’ revolution appears to have completely passed them by. Blogs? Forums? Nope. Not even a lousy comment form to be found.

Thankfully they haven’t got rid of the one thing it had going for it – the live timing page (it’s under ‘Services’). Here’s a few new features I’d like to have seen:

>> Bernie’s blog – The latest on which obscure corner of the globe F1 will visit next and why Silverstone is a stinking pile of horse excrement.

>> Design your own Hermann Tilke circuit – Pick from two exciting types of corner: a tight left hairpin or a tight right hairpin!

>> Ask Kimi Raikkonen – The eloquent Finn answers your queries in up to three words (two of which will be “for sure”).

>> Interactive F1 racing game – Organise testing, attend PR engagements and plan your strategy. Oh, you want to drive the car? Sorry, that’s the least important part of Grand Prix racing these days.

>> Mad Max’s random rule generator – Drivers must do at least one stint without a rear wing! Anyone who leads more than ten laps must stop to pick up a passenger! Dissenters will be shot! Generate your own set of 2008 rules.

What would you like to see on the official F1 site?

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