Prodrive and the Ferrari four

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David Richards, ProdriveJust what does David Richard have lined up for Prodrive? He is supposed to be giving some details of his plans at the British Grand Prix in two weekends’ time.

Richards hit the news earlier this year by fronting a consortium that purchased Aston Martin from Ford. But there’s been little news of his putative F1 team since he successfully bid for the 12th slot on the grid last year.

Meanwhile, Ross Brawn is looking for employment and so might a couple of his Ferrari colleagues…

One blogger I read today suggested four of the former Ferrari bigwigs might be after a new project. Those would be Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, Michael Schumacher and Nigel Stepney.

Brawn, certainly, is believed to be on sabbatical and I could see him going to another team. Following last week’s revelation I’m sure Stepney could too.

Byrne and Schumacher I’m not so sure about. Schumacher seems wedded to Ferrari – unless somewhere within him he harbours a secret desire to go racing again. Byrne has gradually eased himself out of his Ferrari capacity.

This is all speculation attempting to fill the void of knowledge that surrounds Prodrive. But I’m sure Richards knows from his two tenures at the helm of F1 teams that you need experienced people to succeed, you need F1 people, and they don’t grow on trees.

Prodrive have been linked to a supply of McLaren chassis (legal under the 2008 rules) and Mercedes engines.

Imagine a team that boasted the ownership of Richards, managerial cunning of Brawn, stewardship of Stepney, and a 2008-spec Mercedes engine in a McLaren MP4-22 (minimum) chassis. Wouldn’t that be a competitive proposition?

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