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Grand Prix flashback: France 1988 28th June 2007, 13:00

The inter-McLaren battle between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton is already being compared to the great McLaren rivalry of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Hamilton is cast in the role of new boy Senna – Alonso is a two times champion just as Prost was in 1988. But at that year’s French Grand Prix Prost […]

Ten videos Max Mosley should watch

I am sure Max Mosley is an extremely busy man. And sometimes I wonder if his packed schedule keeps him from noticing things might might make F1 a lot better if they were sorted. Like stewards failing to implement basic rules, the frequent lack of overtaking caused by Mosley’s own rule changes, and the problems […]

Debate: Can McLaren handle two stars?

‘Experts’ are queueing up to tell Ron Dennis that he’s wrong to have two top drivers in the same team fighting for the championship. The battle for the championship could be fought exclusively between McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso this year. Will it inevitably lead to a fall out at McLaren?

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