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F1 in the news 41: Renault revival? 29th June 2007, 16:00

In the F1 news this week Renault believe they’ve gotten on top of their problematic start to the season. Plus another possible new venue for the Australian Grand Prix and more retro F1 fun.

Renault’s gorgeous 30th anniversary livery

So Renault can design good looking race car liveries after all! This gorgeous yellow and black design commemorates 30 years since their F1 debut in 2007. Surely everyone can agree that it looks infinitely better than the yellow, blue, orange and white mess that covers their 2007 cars?

Perfect sporting moments

The Daily Telegraph recently compiled a top 50 sporting moments and two F1 highlights featured in the list. They were: #31 – Fernando Alonso passing Michael Schumacher, Japanese Grand Prix 2005 #33 – Michael Schumacher winning the San Marino Grand Prix after the death of his mother, 2003 Memorable moments no doubt – but I […]

Have you been to the French Grand Prix?

We’re looking for Grand Prix fans who’ve been to the French Grand Prix to tell us about their experiences. Related links Share your experiences of being at the French Grand Prix Share your experiences of visiting other F1 circuits Tags: f1 / formula one / formula 1 / grand prix / motor sport

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