McLaren linked to Ferrari espionage scandal

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Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Sepang, 2007Two further twists in the Nigel Stepney espionage case came today – the most dramatic of which links McLaren employee Mike Coughlan to the scandal.

Stepney was officially suspended by the Italian team and it has emerged that McLaren has suspended Coughlan in connection with potentially receiving documents from a Ferrari employee in late April.

Either the two are linked – or it’s an extraordinary coincidence, and Ferrari has two possible leaks to investigate.

Attempting to link the timing of the supposed leak from Ferrari to McLaren is a matter of pure speculation. In late April Ferrari had the upper hand but four weeks later McLaren began a string of three consecutive one-twos.

There is no reason to believe any underhand behaviour was involved in McLaren’s change in fortunes.

But this new development and the situation with Stepney hint at a far greater and more grave conspiracy than was first understood.

Nigel Stepney has been with Ferrari since 1993. He had previously worked for Shadow, Lotus and Benetton. Nigel Stepney biography

Mike Coughlan has previously worked for Lotus, Benetton, Tyrrell, Ferrari and Arrows. Mike Coughlan biography.

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