Debate: Should Silverstone allow track invasions?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Track invasion, Silverstone, 1992Silverstone circuit has hinted that fans might be allowed to come onto the track after the British Grand Prix has finished.

The Daily Mail yesterday quoted track operations manager Gary Dearn saying they were, “considering allowing some spectators on to the pit straight at the end.”

Track invasions at Silverstone common in the years of Mansell-mania from 1987-92. Many expect a Lewis Hamilton victory on Sunday could trigger the same. The mass invasions in 1992 brought widespread condemnation as some fans ran onto the track before the race had even finished.

In 2003 one individual ran onto the track early in the race, which caused a safety car period as a marshal ran after him to drag him away from lethal danger.

But at the Italian Grand Prix measures have been put in place to allows fans onto the circuit in a managed way – and a large podium built spanning the pit lane to allow them up close.

Are Silverstone going the right way or risking unnecessary danger?

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