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Pictures from the British Grand Prix 6th July 2007, 22:22

It’s the British Grand Prix weekend which means I’ve been able to go and take some pictures of my own for a change. Here’s a selection of ten of my favourites so far:

F1 in the news 42: Scandal

In the F1 headlines this week – drug testing in F1, a new award for Jack Brabham, and tons more about Lewis Hamilton. Plus, will McLaren be stripped of points in the Ferrari espionage scandal? Bernie Ecclestone has a few thoughts.

The Ben Evans Column: Safety First

Robert Kubica’s crash in Canada and Ernesto Viso’s horrific shunt at Magny-Cours last weekend highlights the importance of making motor sport as safe as possible. Ben Evans looks at what could be done better. As somebody who regards Tennis as something enjoyed only by extremely boring people, I have hugely enjoyed Wimbledon being rained out […]

Ten of the best… British Grands Prix

The British Grand Prix is one of only two races to have held a round of the world championship every year since the series started. So it must have held a few decent races in 57 years? Damn right. Here’s ten of the best:

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