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  1. I have just come back from racing the Nordschleife, last weekend, with FISC in their 9th Eifel Classic, so feel reasonably competent to pick some corners. The main thing about the Nordschleife is that, from the driver’s point of view, most of the corners are blind, usually because of a crest in the middle of the corner. This is what makes a quick lap, for those who can remember where they are going, who will score over those who don’t know what is coming next. So, in the order they appear on the track;
    Best Corner 1, Hatzenbach, where does it start? Probably the right hander at the bottom of the hill, which can just about be taken flat, followed by the short straight and kink before the series of bends really takes hold, no overtaking here but just such a buzz of throwing the car right and left through these tight bends.
    Best Corner 2, Quiddelbacher Höhe through to Flugplatz, a blind double apex right hander, essential to keep speed up for the downhill swoop to Schwedenkruez.
    Best Corner 3, Fuchsröhre, more than a corner, a whole series of flat out zig-zags culminating in a gravity cavity left hander, immediately followed by a blind left. Barriers crowding in on the right.
    Best Corner 4, Drei-Fach Rechts, or Miss Hit Miss as it is sometimes known, if you can get this right there is a smidgen of a chance to overtake a car in front of you before braking hard for Wehrseifen.
    Best Corner 5, Bergwerk, acknowledged by all as essential for a quick lap time, just so difficult to get 100% right, you always feel that perhaps you could have left braking a little later, then realise that you are washing out and losing speed on the exit.
    Best Corner 6, Karussell, the only one of its kind, enough said!
    Best Corner 7, Hedwigs Höhe, a right, left, right complex that is blind at each change of direction. Can make up a little time here or lose it, barriers very close and intimidating.
    Best Corner 8, Pflanzgarten 1, approached downhill, gathering speed all the way, dodge the waving ribbon of a road and aim for the left hand side of the jump off, then stand on the brakes as you land and turn into the blind, double apex, right hander, fabulous!
    Best Corner 9, Pflanzgarten 3, the right, left over crest, right complex, all blind, all at virtually maximum speed. If you are following a car here, and you know you are quicker, you should really leave them a lot of room so that you can overtake after the bends, as you will be in trouble if you try to get two cars side by side through here, but I have done it!
    Best Corner 10, Galgenkopf, a double apex right hander, leading onto the long, long straight. The other “most important” corner on the track for lap times, in a slow car, like mine, it is flat out, no braking on the way in, just careful picking of the right line for a fast exit and a breather whilst driving down the straight.
    Best Corner 11, I know, but Tiergarten needs to be included as well! Flat out for a mile or two, down through dip after Antoniusbuche, and keep foot hard pressed on the accelerator all the way through until you see the extra tarmac on the left at Hohenrain before braking. Another section where the brave will move ahead.

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