Video: Alonso, Hamilton and Hakkinen advert

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Indianapolis, 2007, 2I’m not a fan of adverts ordinarily – but I make an exception when they’re done really well (and when they don’t interrupt the F1 race).

This new Mercedes advert featuring Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Mika Hakkinen is great fun and sends up the rivalry between Hamilton and Alonso that certain elements of the press are doing their best to exaggerate.

Check out the video below, and this earlier feature on the best F1 adverts.

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7 comments on Video: Alonso, Hamilton and Hakkinen advert

  1. Thanks Keith, I’ve been looking for great cheeky advert from Mercedes. I love the ending with Hakkinen.

  2. i loved this advert. so, so much better than that godawfull santader promo.

  3. I loved it! So did my parents – it made one of the ad breaks really amusing. Now would someone please find a way of making the other four ad breaks per race go by quicker?

  4. Journeyer said on 23rd July 2007, 0:47

    They had fun while doing it, and it shows! :) One of the best F1 ads ever!

  5. Jean said on 23rd July 2007, 9:42

    I totally freaked when I saw this ad on Saturday, it must be one of the best ads on TV (not hard I know). Whoever came up with the idea is my kind of person. When it got to the punchline, I was crying it was such a good joke.

  6. M Smith said on 23rd July 2007, 10:52

    A great advert! The ad breaks go so much faster when a good advert such as this is around. I love the punchline with Hakkinen as well.

  7. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 23rd July 2007, 13:25

    In case you haven’t seen it yet here’s the behind the scenes ‘making of’ video.

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