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Video: What did Massa say to Alonso? 23rd July 2007, 22:43

Here’s video footage of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso’s argument after the European Grand Prix. Alonso passed Massa with a handful of laps to spare at the Nurburgring, taking the lead from him in a smart pass around the outside at the Valvoline Kurve that ended with the two banging wheels. It looked to me […]

Video: Murray on Alonso’s last-gasp pass

For those of you who weren’t able to tune into Radio 5 yesterday, here’s the end of Murray Walker’s commentary on the European Grand Prix. It covers the last ten minutes of the race, including Fernando Alonso’s great pass on Felipe Massa, plus Lewis Hamilton’s desperate bid to score a point. Whether you like Murray […]

European GP 2007 facts & statistics

A crazy race threw up some interesting statistics – we had a rookie driver leading the race, a rare red flag and – give thanks – the first proper pass for the lead on the track!

Debate: Spyker should keep Winkelhock

Markus Winkelhock made his Grand Prix debut in yesterday’s European Grand Prix, and thanks to a heavy rain shower and some inspired race strategy he managed to lead the race for six laps.

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