Video: What did Massa say to Alonso?

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Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Nurburgring, 2007Here’s video footage of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso’s argument after the European Grand Prix.

Alonso passed Massa with a handful of laps to spare at the Nurburgring, taking the lead from him in a smart pass around the outside at the Valvoline Kurve that ended with the two banging wheels.

It looked to me that if anyone had a right to be angry about it, it was Alonso, who was clearly ahead of Massa when the Ferrari touched the McLaren. But Massa looks like the agitated one, although I can’t tell what they’re saying. Any interpreters out there?

Video not working? Let us know.

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  1. If you remember 2005 and 2006, Kimi had the worst of lucks, and ALWAYS said “these things happen, this is racing” and never “the car just don’t work” Wich, for instance, Alonso has said.

    So, I think yes, Kimi would said that too after an intentional indicent.

    Besides, this is F1, you really can’t tell if it was intentional, not until you check the videos and read the telemetry. It might be unintentional, Massa could have just lost the car, I don’t know, I don’t have access to the telemetry. So Alonso is even wronger, he can’t tell if it was on purpose (at least in that moment).

    We’re watching the very best drivers in the world, one would expect them to react like civilized people, not like monkeys. Rofl pushing the marshall? The thing with Speed and his pit crew? If you want to see fingers and punches, then switch to nascrap and champ car, there’s plenty of that there. I really think there’s no room for that behaviour off track in F1.

  2. Why is everyone complaining about Alonso whining? If it got under Massa’s skin then all the power to him….. There not teammates he should be irritating him.

    I think Massa was unhappy because he thought he deserved that race, and the tires did him in. That and the fact that he didn’t think Alonso was going to try to pass on the outside in the rain, especially on such crap wet tires.

    This incident made me like both drivers more. I like the fire that Massa shows, maybe its a bit immature but at least we don’t question his drive to succeed. Alonso was amazing, he showed his poise all race and then made the pass when the door opened.

    Personally I don’t see what the big deal is, they both finished didnt they? Rubbing is Racing.

  3. Ali AydoÄŸan
    24th July 2007, 21:13

    I like Kimi as a driver and as a human, he is a nice guy. He could stay calm (maybe did nont show his anger) in DNFs due to mechanical problems he had in McLaren especially in 2005 and it is true he did not speak much about them. But I think he may (and he should) behave in a different way if he loses the title after he thinks somebody hits him. If he feels there is something unfair against him, he should speak about it and people should talk about it.

    About telemetry thing, I dont think they need it, they both know what happened there and both have no doubts about it, which I think is the case in most incidents.

    Nobody want monkeys there, nobody wants boxers there, but I also do not want to see racers congratulating each other just to show that they are gentlemen, even if they feel different out there. It is F1, it is tension itself….

  4. Really? Well, I see BMW saying they will look at the telemetry and THEN sit the drivers down and talk things over, so they running into each other doesn’t happen again. Why? They say because each driver has a completely different and formed point of view.
    And THEY are teammates.

    So, you see, in F1 is not as easy as “they both know what happened there”. Massa surely does. Fernando doesn’t. He only asumes Massa hit him intentionally.

    Everyone is complaining about Alphonso’s attitude because we want quality champions, in every sense of the word. We don’t want crybabies who rub their victories over the face of their competitors.

    Do you see Lewis complaining that Alonso is getting the better car everytime he loses? No.
    Do you see Alonso complaining that Lewis is getting the better car everytime he loese? Yes.

  5. Nikos Darzentas
    24th July 2007, 22:37

    I blame Keith for providing the spark for such discussions… cunning :-)

    some very good points above, and some not so, but I won’t elaborate, there’s no point, because we’re all F1 fanatics ( and we need to agree to disagree

    I miss Schumi, I like Massa as a package, probably Kimi even more, and I think Ron’s children are supreme drivers but have annoying personalities outside the car with arrogance (disguised in Lewis, hanging out there in Alonso) a common theme – and I’m a Ferrari fan, but honestly this has nothing to do with it

    anyway, I don’t REALLY mind any of that since they can look as stupid as they want outside the cockpit, I just enjoy watching 4 drivers with 4 brilliantly different styles banging wheels out on track (and then fighting about it :D)

  6. Man! Am I a fool? I read all 26 postings……all over NOTHING!!!!

  7. Alonso was never reported as claiming Hamilton was receiving a better car. He was reprted for syaing he was getting better support from the team, obvious enough.

    I’m sick of this Alonso is a whinger stuff. ANyone who’s been watching F1 for the last 15 years at least can tell you, Schumacher was a (probably the biggest) whinger… go back earlier, Prost was a Whinger, Senna was a Whinger, Mansell was a Whinger,Hakkinen was a Whinger, Villeneuve was a Whinger, only champion in recent times that was the least whinging was HILL!!!,,

    In F1 these days, the award for biggest Whinger is Scott Speed, remember the Radio Transmission aired (Speed and his engineer) just before the formation lap at the Montreal Grand Prix!!!!

  8. Hmmm, Scott’s in good company, it seems – should be a world champion any day now!

  9. HAPLO,

    Stop throwing all that garbage at us. I hope someone paid to to so, the alternative doesn’t leave you a decent position. I cannot even start figuring out what drives you to say things like:

    False and racist statement:
    He is not very fluent in english, but that is a cultural thing, spanish people don’t like english/america very much, they are very conservative about stuff like that, and their accent is more like reading english in spanish, not giving it the proper accent. For example, he calls Lewis “Luis”, the spanish more similar sound. I really hate that, bollocks if you ask me.

    You’re lying again, can you point JUST A SINGLE link to any of the Spanish media?
    What is NOT good is rubbing your victory on the rest of the field, you know, comments like “My only regret is that we didn’t beat Ferrari by more time” and “I’m very happy this things happen to my teammate and specially in england”… Alonso has said a lot of this kind of stuff, particularly on spanish tv and radio.

    Again, I dont know what you get from your intoxication, but I cannot understand those biased comments.


  10. alonso is an idiot… he has to make a big show out out everything and why would massa let him pass with 3 laps 2 go..? good question. and mclearin would be nothing this season but since they like to steal ferrari’s papers they just happen to be so good? hamilton is over-rated! honestly i hope ferrari prove that mclearin were cheating and hamilton doesnt win and neither does alonso. FORZA FERRARI

  11. Haplo, did you read the the F1Fanatic comment policy before writing your racist remaks about alonso’s accent and level of english?  Alonso speaks several languages fluently, he expresses himself better thank most native english speakers! The man has an accent, BIG DEAL.  I’d like to hear you speak spanish…hmmm I wonder how many other languages superstar lewis speaks.  You can pick on the guy’s  experience, his driving technique and his attitude, but his pronounciation of the english languge is a little lame.  

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