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Video: Is contact between F1 cars OK? 3rd August 2007, 14:58

Felipe Massa has spoken out about his dice with Fernando Alonso in the closing stages of the European Grand Prix. I’ve read his words back a couple of times and it honestly seems to me that he’s saying it’s OK for F1 cars to make contact while racing for position. Is that really what he’s […]

Video: Best lap ever

Jenson Button this week told F1 Racing editor Matt Bishop that he thought the two laps he drove at the start of the European Grand Prix two weeks ago were two of the best ever driven in the sport. That’s an enormously bold claim and very hard to back up without much video to support […]

Have you been to the Hungarian GP?

We’re looking for Grand Prix fans who’ve been to the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring to tell us about their experiences. Photo: Ferrari Related links Share your experiences of being at a Grand Prix at the Hungaroring Share your experiences of visiting other F1 circuits Tags: f1 / formula one / formula 1 / […]

F1 in the News 46: Lewis McHamilton

In the F1 news this week – is Lewis Hamilton really Scottish? No, I’m not joking… Plus a lap with Michael Schumacher, changes to the Sepang track, Nelson Piquet loses his licence, and lots more.

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