Video: Alonso’s dirty trick on Hamilton (updated)

Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Hungary, 2007 | Daimler ChryslerFernando Alonso resorted to desperate tactics to prevent team mate Lewis Hamilton from taking pole position at the Hungaroring.

If the relationship between the McLaren drivers was strained before it looks like degenerating into a bitterly fought battle now.

It remains to be seen whether any disciplinary action might be taken. If Alonso is deemed to have deliberately impeded another driver he may be stripped of his qualifying times.

The Hungarian Grand Prix stewards are investigating the incident.

Here’s a video of the controversial moment:

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Alonso’s move marks a new low in relations between himself and Hamilton and the wider McLaren team.

There have been rumours throughout the season of Alonso’s unhappiness. During the United States Grand Prix, after a failed overtaking attempt on Hamilton, Alonso drove up to the pit wall and gesticulated to make his unhappiness clear.

Several reports have appeared in the Spanish press claiming that Alonso wants more preferential treatment over Hamilton.

Today’s incident might have been triggered by an earlier problem Alonso had while taking on new tyres. The team held him stationary for a long time, presumably to give him a more favourable track position.

But the delay was lengthened when the team realised the cord from a wheel blanket was tangled up around the front-right wheel. Perhaps Alonso felt that as this cost him a lap’s worth of fuel, Hamilton ‘deserved’ a similar inconvenience.

He might not have done it at all were not McLaren apparently at a great advantage this weekend. Kimi Raikkonen was beaten to third by Nick Heidfeld, and Felipe Massa will start 14th after technical problems.

Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Hungary, 2007 | Daimler ChryslerThe Hungaroring seems to bring out the worst in Alonso (as well as the best). It was here last year that he was penalised for unduly slowing Robert Doornbos during practice.

Alonso was penalised for delaying Felipe Massa in qualifying for last year’s Italian Grand Prix. The decision was widely criticised, as the Ferrari driver was over 90m behind Alonso at all times.

He later told the press “I no longer consider F1 a sport.” But his move today was anything but sporting. It’s comparable to Michael Schumacher’s stunt at Monaco last year – and may yet carry a similar penalty.

It’s not the first time McLaren have had to deal with an irate driver after a pit stop delay caused by the other.

At last year’s Australian Grand Prix Juan Pablo Montoya was left fuming after the team left him waiting behind team mate Kimi Raikkonen as they changed the Finn’s front wing during a safety car period. Montoya left the team halfway through the year.

What will the consequences be for Alonso? If the stewards don’t have anything to say about it, Ron Dennis surely will. I expect the Spaniard’s ears are ringing even as I write this.

Will Alonso leave McLaren? Might he even quit before the end of the season? Will they suspend him and put Pedro de la Rosa in the car?

What if Alonso has broken the terms of his McLaren contract? If he has, the drivers’ market for 2008 could come to life.

Update: The FIA is investigating the incident and has called upon McLaren’s Ron Dennis to provide information and hand over the team’s radio transmissions.

When Schumacher was adjudged to have block the circuit during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix last year, he had all his qualifying times deleted and had to start from last on the grid. When Alonso was found have have impeded Felipe Massa in Italian Grand Prix qualifying last year, he lost his times from the third session and had to start tenth.

Update 2: Alonso has claimed that Hamilton also failed to obey an order from McLaren – to let Alonso through at the start of the qualifying session: “They told Hamilton what to do and he didn’t listen. That was the only problem the team had. Ron’s anger was because [Hamilton] didn’t accept an order that the team repeated several times over the first lap.

Therefore, the team did all they had to do, and tried to give me that extra lap, but for those reasons it wasn’t possible. I’ve been asked about Ron throwing his headphones, about how he went after Fabrizio [Alonso’s physiotherapist], or whatever. I have nothing against him. I was going to have an extra lap of fuel, and I didn’t have it, but in the end I got pole.”

All photos: Daimler Chrysler

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40 comments on Video: Alonso’s dirty trick on Hamilton (updated)

  1. Carl said on 4th August 2007, 21:59

    I don’t see the reason for th uproar. Ron Dennis made it clear what happened. In the post race interview Hamilton made it clear it was the team and not the individual. Pure mudslinging. They can take care of it in the race.

  2. Fran said on 5th August 2007, 0:26

    I think the two pilots must have the same oportunities, but f1 is an english bussiness, and f1 masters (Ron Dennis included) wants to have an english f1 champion, to increase audience, merchandaising, and so on, in the US and Great Britain. For all, both MacLaren, Ecclestone and FIA give Hamilton more choices to Hamilton that to Alonso. Specially this year, because next year will not be traction control, and then Hamilton will pay his inexperience.

  3. I think I must be the only person who is disappointed that Alonso didn’t hold Hamilton on purpose!

    At the time, I thought it was an extremely clever thing to do in order to give himself the best possible shot at pole – remember at the time pole still belonged to Lewis and Alonso still had to go out and do the business.

    It brings back memories of Schumacher – and while I don’t agree with all he did, it takes a special kind of genius to think of these things in the heat of the moment.

    Whatever the reason for the qualifying palava, it should have been handled internally by McLaren without the stewards becoming involved – but I couldn’t see them sacking Alonso no matter what he did!

  4. Andy said on 5th August 2007, 16:10

    This Hamilton guy is a flash in the pan – ask yourself this, what if nick heidfeld was driving instead of Hamilton? or what if sato or ralph schumacher were driving under the mclaren banner? would they be any less successful? I think we all know the answer to this question.

    Alonso is clearly the better driver, and should let Hamilton have his moment of glory, as thats all it will be i guarantee it.

  5. Jay said on 6th August 2007, 0:40

    Hear hear Andy – Alonso will get those 7 points and more to show what a champ he is and Hamilton and his adoring fans will realise that they are the only ones who really do adore their spoilt ‘boy’ who dares to swear at the boss! Some bosss who can’t recognise what he’s doing to a wonderful champion – maybe Alonso should have stayed with Renault? He can drive any car fast enough!

  6. “Alonso isn’t speaking to me” says Hamilton – is it any wonder – and for goodness sake, why should Alonso, under a great deal of attack today, even bother with McLaren , Ron Dennis (who couldn’t manage 2 doughnuts in a paper bag – let alone 2 drivers) or Hamilton – he sounds whinging and childish.

  7. David said on 9th August 2007, 15:17

    If I speak to my boss like hamiltom did, I’m fired. What if Alonso did? For sure Ron s reaction would have been different…
    Shame on McLaren! They say equal conditions for both drivers, I don’t belive so. British team, british pilot and british press; does anyone belive the chances will be the same for Alonso?

  8. It wasn’t that long ago when Mika Hakkinen was driving the number 1 car at McClaren, while David Coulthard was number 2.

    Let us also not forget that Alonso’s World titles would have significantly bumped up the fee McClaren are paying for his services, and that the purpose of McClaren hiring Alonso in the first place was for him to win the Drivers title, hence bring in the points for the constructors title.

    (Thats all up in smoke now, but thats hindsight in context of this thread)

    Alonso thinks he deserves to be the outright number 1 McClaren driver because he is a double world champion. That last fact you can’t take away from him, but if he is really worthy of such a position then it should have been impossible for him to spend most of the season being upstaged by a first year rookie, if not then he should be capable of a better response than throwing his teddy out of the cot about it.

  9. RoseMary said on 22nd October 2007, 1:33

    I dont know what really happened at Hungary and we will never know that!, also I dont know if it is Alonso the one must grow up or Hamilton instead after He and his dad complained at Hungary Q3,… but what i am sure i do know it is that after all help Hamilton is got from the team… Ron Dennis said in China “the rival wanst Kimi, the rival was Alonso…” if Hamilton wouldnt have complained at Hungary, today Alonso and Mclaren Mercedes would have won the champion ship! im totally sure of that!!!

  10. Siraj said on 22nd October 2007, 2:32

    It is sad to see so many “intelligent” human beings forget that Maclaren was called stealing technical information to enhance their chances of making themselves winners. Both drivers and team crimes is overshadowed by the public’s short term memory and morals that if one is called stealing, then one deserves to pay for doing so. Kimi Wins.

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