Alonso’s qualifying stunt – 21 opinions

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F1 bloggers have reacted with a mixture of fury and dismay at the pit debacle at McLaren during qualifying.

Here’s a selection of comments from those who liked what they saw, and the 99% of writers that didn’t…

Alonso foul play – “Plain out of order”

A tip for Fernando – “If you are going to misbehave and then lie, it is not a good ldea to put your hand over your face and look down while you are doing it”

Alonso a cheat – just like Michael Schumacher was – “That’s cheating – in just the same way Michael Schumacher cheated in qualifying in the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix”

All is not well at McLaren – “He must be worried by Hamilton’s raw speed”

Fernando Alonso is a buffoon – “I was in total disbelief when the team wanted him to go and he just sat there for a whole 10 seconds”

Alonso steals controversial pole from Hamilton – “Fernando Alonso stole a contraversial pole position from Lewis Hamilton at the Hungaroring”

Fernando Alonso – Bad sportsman
– He can only win by cheating! What’s the glory in that?

Today’s qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix – “I am sure Hamilton would have been looking flustered and like a dumb kid whose candy got snatched”

Alonso pole – “Grumpy and determined Alonso seems to be playing a dirty game to win at any costs”

Alonso claims last minute controversial pole @ Hungaroring – “Alonso could be in serious trouble with Ron Dennis who was fuming!”

Fernando Alonso Cheats, Blocks Lewis Hamilton To Take Pole
– “A disgusting display of poor sportsmanship”

Waiting for Alonso – “Oh to be a fly on the wall in the team meeting this evening”

Was Fernando a naughty boy? – “Strong words will be had behind closed doors”

Wouldn’t want to be in Alonso’s shoes… – “Lewis Hamilton deserves an Oscar for his performance as a team player in that press conference”

Alonso vs Hamilton: Hungary Qualifying – “What a bloody cheating b******”

F1 scandal 2 – “I am a Michael Schumacher fan and I must admit that his dirty tactics are wrong and he’s a big fat (ish) cheat, he NEVER played unfair to a team mate. Well maybe Rubens but that was a team order, not a driver.”

Si – “Needless to say Ron Dennis was slightly peeved”

A controversial Pole for Fernando Alonso – “We do not know if Alonso was instructed to wait in the pits, or took his own decision to wait”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at McLaren?????? – “There only seem to be two alternatives: incompetence by the team, or deliberate baulking by Alonso”

Alonso Under Investigation – “Alonso can’t be allowed to do that! it’s ridiculous!”

Hungarian GP Qualifying – “This incident detracted from what in fact was a total McLaren dominance”

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