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Five Hamilton books for Xmas market 15th August 2007, 19:14

The Lewis Hamilton cash-in machine is running full steam with five biographies of the 22 year-old to hit the shelves in time for Xmas. And one of them even claims to know how the world championship will turn out. For attention-grabbing jacket quotes, it’s hard to beat this: Thrown in at the deep end ‘on […]

Marco Andretti (Meet the rookies)

With a surname like Andretti, how can he fail? This kid’s got to end up in F1 sooner or later. Whether he’ll sink like father Michael, or swim to the title like grandfather Mario, is the big, big question. It’s big, because it could also be the key to unlocking F1 popularity in the States.

Bird’s Eye View: If F1 drivers were chocolate…

F1 Fanatic contributor Rachel returns with her take on what F1 drivers would be if they were chocolate bars. Make your own confection suggestions below…

Video: F1’s best circuit ruined?

F1 makes it’s highly anticipated return to the fabulous Spa-Francorchamps circuit next month. But has the great track been dumbed down too far? At Eau Rouge the profile of the corner remains the same but re-surfacing, construction work and the installation of tarmac run-off have made the bend less of a challenge. As this video […]

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