F1 Racing vs Ralf Schumacher

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Ralf Schumacher, Silverstone, 2007, testingWhen this month’s F1 Racing landed on my doorstep this morning, and I saw that Matt Bishop had done an interview with Ralf Schumacher, there was only ever going to be one article I would read first.

It’s a particularly entertaining piece that I don’t wish to spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet – don’t read on any further if you don’t want to find out what it says.

F1 Racing magazine in general and editor Bishop in particular have never been particularly kind to the younger Schumacher. This month’s piece “A grotesque rictus of disgruntlement” (referring to Ralf’s face when he’s in a bad mood) isn’t going to improve things.

Bishop reveals that he had an argument with Schumacher over a photo shoot in Indianapolis, at which Ralf demanded that he would only allow his picture to be taken if F1 Racing started being more complimentary about him and Toyota.

The dispute ended with Bishop dismissing Schumacher using a four-letter word of the Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis variety* and no pictures of Schumacher being taken.

Interestingly, even after this Toyota were still happy to supply Jarno Trulli for the same photoshoot. Does no-one at the team care share their number one driver’s displeasure with their reputation?

Or do they just want rid of him? If he is still in F1 next year, don’t expect him to appear in F1 Racing that often…

*McLaren have strongly denied the earlier claims in several newspapers that Hamilton used the F-word when speaking to Ron Dennis. They may well be telling the truth, but unless they release the radio transmission and pledge to let their team radio be used on television in the future, I don’t see how they can expect anyone to believe them.

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