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Top ten… Corners in Formula 1 23rd August 2007, 11:00

It’s Istanbul next and that means the drivers once again get to grapple with the best new corner on the F1 calendar. It may have a rubbish name but turn eight on the Istanbul course is a brilliant bend. Hermann Tilke may have cursed many tracks with some tedious turns but he’s also created some […]

Prodrive set to use McLarens in 2008 – report

David Richards is expected to announce a deal next month for his new Prodrive F1 team to use this year’s McLaren chassis as the basis for their 2008 campaign. The report in this morning’s Times claims it will spare Prodrive the ??150m cost of developing their own cars. Richards said: “McLaren is one of three […]

The Ben Evans Column: Bull

One of the more entertaining F1 side shows of past weeks was the spat between Scott ‘not got any’ Speed and the Red Bull junior team, which has led to Speed’s departure from the Toro Rosso. Speed is latest in a string of Red Bull-backed drivers who have been rushed into F1 and failed to […]

Debate: F1 better since end of tyre war?

The FIA demanded a single tyre supplier from 2008 and they got it a year ahead of schedule. But what has the impact been on the quality of racing? To my mind, 2006 was not the best year for wheel-to-wheel racing in F1 – and this season so far has been even worse.

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