Raikkonen: “I was bored”

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Istanbul, 2007 | Ferrari MediaKimi Raikkonen has stated an inconvenient truth. And no, he hasn’t been complaining about global warming. After finishing second for the second race in a row the Finn had this to say:

At this stage in F1 is difficult to get past. The race was really decided yesterday.

It is boring driving behind other cars. In F1 these days the races are pretty much decided after qualifying, but I just wanted to push like the other cars. It gives you something to do.

In the Turkish Grand Prix F1 served up another follow-my-leader procession with virtually no racing worthy of the name.

It has become so obvious that F1 has a major problem with aerodynamic sensitivity that even the drivers are beginning to complain loudly about it.

When a driver can sit in an FIA press conference after a race and justifiably say ‘I was bored. I just wanted something to do’ then the sport should hang its head in shame.

For the second race a row Raikkonen found himself stuck in second, unable to get anywhere near the leader because his car would lose downforce, and instead amused himself by setting a new fastest lap in the dying stages of the race.

I know the ultra-purists will have nothing to do with the suggestion that F1 should be entertaining. But I haven’t heard any good arguments why the current system should stay the way it is – with the top ten drivers lining up in the order of how much fuel they’ve got on board, and then not overtaking each other because they can’t get close enough.

Nor have I heard any good arguments why the sport can’t just copy GP2, and slash back the size of wings, ban refuelling, and require the use of slick tyres.

Give us that, and I guarantee you we would have seen wheel-to-wheel racing between the Ferraris at the front of today’s race, Fernando Alonso scrapping to pass the BMWs he got stuck behind at the start, and plenty more action up and down the field.

Just as there is in the GP2 races – even at circuits like the Hungaroring.

Photo: Ferrari Media

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