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Rosberg excited by traction control ban 30th August 2007, 14:41

Five races to go until the traction control ban – assuming it isn’t jeopardised by the row over ECUs. We’re going to see more spins next year, according to Nico Rosberg: It’s going to be exciting. I tried it recently and it was quite shocking actually. In the difficulty sense it is not ideal – […]

Debate: Will the safety car decide the title?

Such a finely poised world championship battle – with four drivers still in close contention with five races left – comes along only once a generation. The slightest misfortune could easily tip the balance in favour of one driver. We saw at Montreal how the dubious safety car rules can easily compromise an unlucky driver. […]

The Ben Evans Column: A classic season – on paper

Even Kimi Raikkonen agreed that the Turkish GP was an exercise in tedium not seen in F1 since, oh, the Hungarian GP three weeks ago. Aside from Hamilton’s puncture it was a largely incident and interest free two hours. Furthermore what little glimpses you did get of the grandstands showed them to be largely empty. […]

Ten worst… chicanes

Trees get Dutch Elm Disease. Rabbits get myxomatosis. F1 circuits get Chicane Blight. Here’s ten of the worst.

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