Design my Italian GP banner

Jenson and Lewis banner, Silverstone, 2007I’m off to the Italian Grand Prix next week and I want to take a banner.

I came up with a few ideas but discarded them all: “McLaren are innocent” (too dangerous), “We haven’t forgotten you Jason Button” (too cruel), “I ?????? Ralf” (too unlikely).

Can you come up with anything better? Leave your suggestions below…

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28 comments on Design my Italian GP banner

  1. This time last year….hmmmmmm….come back Michael

  2. Richard C said on 1st September 2007, 10:24

    Save the planet … Go as slow as Honda.

  3. Ali AydoÄŸan said on 1st September 2007, 11:30

    FA to do list:
    1-Set No1 car up
    2-Set No2 car up
    3-Keep quite


  5. If only i was my brother!! HEHE

  6. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st September 2007, 14:53

    I think the time has come to unmask Ratboy as my brother…

  7. Andrew said on 1st September 2007, 14:56

    Go McBain!!!

  8. Some of my best friends are Ferrari fans…

  9. Player said on 1st September 2007, 16:50

    “Lewis, don’t mess with my daughter!”

  10. Wesley said on 1st September 2007, 17:46

    “Would someone play with Kimi,He’s getting bored”

  11. I do love the Button banner :D it’s just plain funny:)

    some id’s:

    – Where’s the next pizza hut? :)

    more to come, my inspiration is running low atm :)

  12. Todt vs Brawn: There can be only one.

  13. This would be easier if I knew your biases, Keith…

    If you wanted to guarantee TV coverage, you could try “Ferrari is cool”, preferably bilingually, but if you don’t like Ferrari, it would just feel cynical.

  14. Robert McKay said on 1st September 2007, 20:54

    I too love the Button one, so acerbic lol!

    How about

    “I ‘heart’ NASCAR”
    “I bet ITV’s on an adbreak right now”

    or my personal favourite

    “It’s the Computational Fluid Dynamics that makes F1 so exciting”

  15. Greg Beckett said on 2nd September 2007, 0:00

    In response to the Mercedes advert, and to fit in with the Tifosi:

    ‘Anything McClaren can do Ferrari can do better!’


    ‘Spyker FTW!’

    ‘By the time you’ve read this, an STR will have retired’

    I like Robert’s ITV one though.

  16. Darryl said on 2nd September 2007, 4:07

    “When will we see racing again?”

  17. Darryl Says:

    “When will we see racing again?”


  18. I think you should just take the Button banner just to really annoy ITV because they are still in a Button frenzy no matter how bad Honda are doing.

    But as for my banner suggestion:

    ‘Do the best thing and blow your engine again Fernando’

  19. I’d love you to do the ITV one, – I can only dream of it hitting the screen whilst itv are actually broadcasting.

  20. Vertigo said on 2nd September 2007, 19:28

    “Hello Mum” , or maybe that’s a cliche.
    “Hello Second Cousin”?
    “Hello Mother In Law”?
    “Hello Uncle Phil”

    Love the ITV one and the Jason Button one too.

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