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Debate: 2007 season spoiled by scandal? 20th September 2007, 11:00

The Ferrari fans are railing at McLaren fans for cheating, spying, and using Ferrari’s confidential information to win races. The McLaren fans are saying the FIA are biased in Ferrari’s favour, that the so-called ‘espionage’ was nothing worse than what has gone on in the past, and that it’s not McLaren’s fault that a renegade […]

Ferrari and McLaren secrets leaked in FIA document

Highly sensitive Ferrari and McLaren information has been leaked onto the internet in an apparent blunder by the FIA.

Top ten… Reasons race fuel qualifying must go

After several years of messing around with qualifying a neat system was devised for 2006 – two knockout sessions would leave the top ten battling for pole position. But there’s still one problem with the system, which F1 bosses are considering changing for next year. Making drivers qualify with their race fuel loads makes no […]

The Ben Evans Column: A bad day at Spa

F1 has dominated the front and back pages over the past two weeks for all the wrong reasons – spying, bribery, cheating, what the FIA will do with the fine? (how about donating it to charity?). Lost in the maelstrom of McLaren discontent have been the Italian and Belgian Grands Prix – the latter of […]

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