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F1 07 review: Some drivers are more equal than others 31st October 2007, 9:00

This year’s F1 season was remarkable in that, for much of the season, all four drivers in the top two teams were in contention for the title. Only in the final two races, when Felipe Massa had fallen too far behind, could one driver count on the support of his team mate. But while driver […]

F1 Fanatic in UK’s top 100 blogs

F1 Fanatic is now ranked in the UK’s Top 100 blogs by traffic tracker Blogstorm. The list is based on traffic and links to the site, and F1 Fanatic currently ranks in the mid-60s, making it one of the most popular sports sites.

Hamilton to migrate to Switzerland 30th October 2007, 21:38

Lewis Hamilton has announced he’s moving to Switzerland which didn’t interest me very much until I realised the irony of the decision. Plenty of people have pointed out that although Hamilton has said he needs to get away from the public pressure (which is understandable) he could just as easily do that in place which […]

Stories of the season: Hamilton versus Alonso

In years to come we may recognise Lewis Hamilton vs Fernando Alonso as one of F1’s greatest rivalries.

Your questions: McLaren’s numbers in 2008?

Richard C wrote in to ask: Can you clarify – as a result of McLaren being barred from this years championship what numbers will they be allocated next year? And which garages will they be allocated? Read on for the answer.

F1 07 review: Ferrari

On the face of it, 2007 was a golden season for Ferrari. Nine wins and both championships went to the team even though many expected them to struggle following the departure of Michael Schumacher. But their triumph was not as emphatic as the raw figures suggest. The constructors’ championship was an inevitability after the expulsion […]

Honda win ‘Grand Prix’ 29th October 2007, 11:58

Not a real Grand Prix, of course, but the top prize in the Green Awards that go to companies who promote sustainability. Honda’s Earth Car livery was intended to raise public awareness of climate change. Unfortunately the car will also be remembered as disastrously un-competitive, the team scoring six points compared to last year’s haul […]

Debate: Most impressive moments in 2007

The F1 Fanatic 2007 season review is underway and will run for the next few weeks. The review will end with rankings for each driver but first I want your input on what impressed you most this year. Who did the best pass? The best qualifying lap? The best race? Remember this isn’t just about […]

F1 07 review: The best of years?

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons. We watched a gripping championship battle with three drivers fighting until the final race. The championship lead swapped hands at the finale, and the victor overcame a 17-point deficit to win in the last two races. We endured a string of shockingly poor […]

“Formula One 1975: Lauda and Ferrari No. 1″ (DVD) 28th October 2007, 7:00

The sixth DVD in the Brunswick films collection tells the story of the odd 1975 season. Niki Lauda triumphed in a year that saw a spate of wet races and two events cut to half distance. As ever the DVD is rich with fascinating material and the only problem is that there isn’t more of […]

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