When did the Hamilton backlash start?

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Fuji Speedway, 2007 | Daimler ChryslerLewis Hamilton is now looking at a serious chance to win the championship in the next two races.

Although he’s been hailed for bringing a new generation of fans to the sport (particularly in Britain), there’s growing criticism of the McLaren driver in some quarters.

Here’s a sample of some of the remarks made about Hamilton on this blog – what do you think of them, and what do you think of Hamilton?

Hamilton has been spoon fed with McLaren’s silver spoon ever since he first sat in a go-kart. No other driver EVER has had the personalized training Hammy has got, most have to fend for themselves, some even have to bring MONEY, most start in a Minardi like team ??????.. and oddly there are times when one can see Hamilton doesn’t fully appreciate what McLaren have done for him. He’s a good driver as he’s been well trained, but deep INSIDE he’s still a ?????ǣsnotty kid??????.

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I find it hard to believe that there are so many people who think that Lewis is one of the best drivers ever – he isn’t even the best driver on the grid. I can think of at least 4 or 5 current drivers who are more talented than he is.


Hamilton has turned into a similar brat.


Hamilton is a snotty geek


LH now seems to be the only man to have messed up in Hungarian Qualifying, and Alonso has bore the brunt of that in the British press.
Hamiltons credibility is the only thing in question.For example – he apologised to Alonso for qualifying, and Alonso says he had nothing to apologise for, (LH gained from his own wrong doing)
He is not happy living in Britain with the high taxation, and is gonna move outta the country, and he is blaming it on the press for making accusations regarding his love life.
He is at all costs trying to preserve his ‘image’.
There is certainly nothing worse in this life than a liar. If you are in the wrong LH, be a man and say so??????.a quality of Alonso..say it like it is.

Alonso at least can say it like it is??????.maybe LH should learn from him.

LH does not deserve to be World Champion??????


I realise debates of this sort can get a little heated (see the comment policy for terms and restrictions and contact me in the event of any objections), so let me make a few qualifying remarks.

Firstly, I’m not at all interested in trying to persuade people to like Hamilton. I just want to know who out there has decided they do like Hamilton, and who’s come to the opposite conclusion, and why. For instance, does the enormous amount of media coverage he gets turn people against him?

I’m also interested to know when. For example, a fair few people were put off by what he did at the Hungaroring (refusing to let Alonso past at the start of qualifying), and I must admit he went down in my estimations then too.

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69 comments on “When did the Hamilton backlash start?”

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  1. Idd GO LEWIS!

  2. Next year, with no traction control, could show us a great deal about the current drivers real abilities.

    About Hamilton, only time will tell us about if he is overhyped or not. Will he be a new Villenueve or Schumacher? Nobody knows at this stage.

    I for one will support him. It seems that most people are annoyed with him because he seems to want to win over anything else, which can only be a good thing over time if complacency doesn’t set in. Of course he has been through a fair share of controversies already, but until he whines more than others or win through blatant cheating I see not reason to dislike him.

  3. Henry Hayward
    6th October 2007, 2:18

    With Hamiltons track record, how is it possible to interpret his achievement to date, as nothing else but remarkable. The rest of the HooHar has, that all to common British trait of, “if he’s that good he must be bad”. It’s Pathetic.

    He Races, He wins, He Good. End ov.

  4. Winners like him, losers don’t.

  5. I just hate all the British media coverage of him. I’ve got nothing against the guy personally. But when I read comments like “Hamilton has made F1 interesting again” I just get so angry. That makes no sense. F1 is still the same sport it’s always been. Why does a British driver need to be winning to make it interesting?

  6. Especially when the press’ obsession has arguably made F1 less interesting, because the coverage has turned one-dimensional. Lewis Hamilton himself is fine, and his performances rather more than fine. But ITV (Brundle and one or two others excepted) has become little short of atrocious this year in the wake of Lewisteria.

  7. Me personally? I started to hate LH after Monaco. The first races of the season I saw outside the UK, and like the rest of the world I was really impressed by LH’s stellar performance. His qualities as a driver are undisputed. Monaco was the first race I watched in the UK–not a coincidence.

    I hate the British press coverage, which is supremely biased. It was bad enough when they hyped Jensen Button for no apparent reason. The british press has turned me an anybody-but-Hamilton/UK driver fan. I love to hear those two iTV idiots sounding sad and disappointed. Given the cheering in the non-Brit fans and press in Shanghai when LH went off, I’d say I’m not the only one.

    I also don’t like the way that the F1 powers that be are dying to have LH become champion for their own venal ends. Alonso has not been very lucrative or good at extending F1’s market appeal, so they see LH as a golden goose.

    I ended up watching a lot of F1 because my husband is a major (Alonso) fan. I’ve even watched races from the Ferrari paddock and garage for professional reasons–watched is really not the word, as you can’t see anything from there. Any of the three contenders deserve the championship, and I don’t care really which one wins. If the driver’s championship was won by being a nice guy, Heikki Kovalainen should clinch it then.

  8. bernie's nemesis
    20th October 2007, 1:26

    Storm in a tea cup. Yes, he’s been under Mclarens wing for years, but realistically, how many of the drivers on the grid have not had fortunes lavished on them to get them to f1?
    And anybody remember the beginning of the season? How many rookies in the history of the sport have shown such composure in the start of their careers, and actually had the balls to pass into the first corner(s) from the grid? The first time Alonso tried to take a leaf from his book, this season, he went backwards.
    Yes, he made a mistake in Hungary, but was Alonso playing games already, by falling toward Kimi?
    Undoubtedly, the rest were riled by post race interviews- ‘Great race(insert name here), but what about Lewis Hamiltons performance’.
    And as far as dangerous driving goes- ‘ I was looking at Hamilton when I drove into Webber’- Vettel, try a similar explanation on your next insurance claim and see what the reaction is!
    I was a massive fan of Giles Villenuve, despite been unaware of much of the technicalities/backstabbing. The world (and my age) have changed. The media make us much more aware of the reality of running a multi-million pound interest, just don’t let it ruin your enjoyment of the pinnacle of competitive motor sport.
    Oh, Max and Bernie, buy an island and retire together.

  9. I think hamilton is probably not the best driver on the grid yet, but he will be in time. But I just love his enthusiasm and attitude towards racing, although I must say when compared to the likes of Raikkonen and Kubica, some people might say he has no enthusiasm what so ever…

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