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Has Nico Rosberg given the game away? 16th October 2007, 14:21

Nico Rosberg admitted he wants Lewis Hamilton to win the championship: Personally, I hope Lewis manages to win because he deserves it. It’s fantastic for Formula One to have a three-way battle for the championship going into the last race of the season, which is not a situation that happens very often. It’s unusual to […]

Questions for Jackie Stewart

I’m going to be interviewing Jackie Stewart for Auto Trader tomorrow. It’s fortunate timing given his current row with Max Mosley and, of course, the championship decider on Sunday. Stewart’s had a few of those himself, including a three-way fight with Graham Hill and Denny Hulme in 1968 (Hill won). Head over to the Auto […]

Soapbox: Why Fernando Alonso should be champion

Continuing our three part series on why each of the top drivers deserves to be champion, today Oliver White will state the case for Fernando Alonso. Yesterday we heard the argument for Lewis Hamilton – don’t miss the final instalment tomorrow on Kimi Raikkonen. For now, here’s what Ollie has to say…

Brazilian Grand Prix 2007 preview & TV times

It all comes down to this: 71 laps, 306km. For the first time in 21 years, one of three drivers can win the title in the final round. And if this season has been predictable at times, the Aut????dromo Jos??? Carlos Pace is the one venue that, wet or dry, can throw up a totally […]

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