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Video: Did Hamilton cause his gearbox problem? (updated) 23rd October 2007, 12:08

Here’s the onboard video showing the moment when Lewis Hamilton’s car suddenly slowed during the Brazilian Grand Prix. It seems the McLaren driver may have caused the problem himself by accidentally hitting the pit lane speed limiter button with his left thumb. The button is the second from the left on the steering wheel. Watch […]

Revealing comments from Hamilton and Massa (updated)

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa have apparently given new insight into two of the pivotal moments of the Brazilian Grand Prix that decided the world championship in Kimi Raikkonen’s favour. Hamilton is quoted admitting that he inadvertently caused his car’s gearbox problem early in the race. He said:

Five best amateur F1 videos from 2007

It’s well known that Formula One Management are total killjoys when it comes to F1 video on the internet. Not only do they tear down any official F1 videos that is uploaded, but they don’t offer even a paid video service themselves. On top of that, even amateurs videos shot by F1 fans at races […]

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