Revealing comments from Hamilton and Massa (updated)

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari MediaLewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa have apparently given new insight into two of the pivotal moments of the Brazilian Grand Prix that decided the world championship in Kimi Raikkonen’s favour.

Hamilton is quoted admitting that he inadvertently caused his car’s gearbox problem early in the race. He said:

My finger slipped on the steering wheel and I accidentally pressed the button used for the starting sequence. The car went into neutral and I had to reinitialize the system, that is, reload the gearbox management program.

Felipe Massa meanwhile allegedly told Brazilian television that he was instructed to let team mate Kimi Raikkonen past. His remarks may prove unwise given that ‘team orders that interfere with the result of the race’ are forbidden by the rules.

Thanks to Brendan in Brazil and Sidepodcast for the tips.

Update: Hamilton did not admit causing car failure in Brazil

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  1. “they went to such lengths against maclaren at monaco, surely they have to do something. Massa was the faster driver throughout the weekend, and I think frankly that as a title decider last race of the season Team Orders are a bit of a joke.”

    Massa was not the fastest driver in first practice. They fuelled Massa slightly more than Kimi for qualifying. Massa set the fastest lap as there was little else to do when running behind your team mate. I’m not taking anything away from Massa, I love the guy and have no doubt his knowledge and experience of Interlagos, but put everything into context, you have 2 cars and 2 drivers about to finish 1-2. One combination wins (by hypothetical numeration only) the constructors – the other combination wins drivers and constructor. The latter earns you the 1 and 2 decals on next years cars (when your main rivals will have 23/24, pending). One of your drivers cannot win the WDC, whereas the other driver relies on the TEAM to win the WDC.

    As a TEAM, which do you have to go for?
    If the ITV commentary is anything to go by (god forbid, it was atrocious during Brazil) then wouldn’t McLaren have done the same?

    “Ferrari will simply fall into internal politics. The driver with the bigger pay must be ahead.”

    Not necessarily. Irvine nearly won the WDC before Schumacher in a Ferrari, circumstances or not. They might try to put the higher paid driver in an advantageous position, but in the end whoever has the clear lead should be backed up. Shake and Bake.

    But it’s also why I HAD respect for McLaren – they like to think differently, treating drivers equally, but it has hardly come out like that.

    What’s worse was in 1998, it was a “gentlemen’s agreement” that whichever McLaren went through the 1st corner in Australia behind the other McLaren would play 2nd fiddle for the rest of the season. It may not be team orders, but does this not conflict with McLaren’s ethos? No wait, Mika wasn’t a favourite of McLaren anyway…was he?

    If I were any driver in F1, there is no team at the moment I’d sooner join than McLaren. It doesn’t matter about being treated equally professionally – if you know that the team will personally want the other driver (Hamilton) to win, that’s not a good mindset.

    This is why I love Ferrari – they function as a TEAM. Even nomad Kimi recognises the difference.

  2. It was who goes in the corner first goes on for victory in the race… not the whole season…

  3. The idea that teamwork should be extinguished is ridiculous. Why have 2 drivers per team, then? Make it 1 and bring more teams into the competition. Some people might find it boring and unsporting, but you just have to remember Gerhard Berger and Ricardo Patresi to see the beauty in it. It´s not easy to be a GOOD 2nd driver – not everyone can hold Mansell or Senna back, and those guys did it brilliantly. I hope next year we have 3 drivers fighting for the title, and 3 very good sidekicks doing whatever they can to make their fella the champion. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have Kubica holding Hamilton back, so he can´t reach Heidfeld, while Massa is trying to hold that same Heidfeld while Kimi is coming from the back, trying to gain back positions until he can challenge Heidfeld? So much nicer than a whole season divided into “Race 1 – Ferrari x Ferrari”, “Race 2 – McLaren x McLaren”, etc.

  4. Simple math Massa could not be crowned the champion so the logic and ethics and so on dictate in a team sport to do what it takes to work for the big picture do your personal best so that the team has a chance to do the impossible. Is there another choice for a good guy?
    MsLaren on the other hand can explain step by step how the golden child was getting ahead and almost made it and in the lengthy story are still in denial that they tied hands of their own champion (2 time champion)they appear to miss that through the entire race Alonso was in third. If Hamilton could climb what limited Alonzo from such simple advance? Could it be the McLaren “team” no no no Alanzo found it too borrring to go for third title! Nothing like an opportunity to get to know what it is like to be the third in the last race.
    Yes if you are brthish you see nothing but professional treatment from McLaren and clearly can not sense special treatment towards Hamilton and if you are not you see reality and can not comprehand why McLaren defeated themselves.

  5. Marcel Fleming
    25th October 2007, 3:57

    If drivers championship is a “team game”, why is there the “constructor championship”?

    This is bs… Massa’s help to Kimi took the title from Alonso… So it is not fair.

    F1 is not a sport anymore. It is just business.

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