Debate: Who will Alonso drive for in 2008?

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Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2007 | DaimlerIt’s the question on everyone’s lips which has ground the driver market to a halt.

Fernando Alonso is contracted to McLaren for 2008. But their falling out this year has been so catastrophic, with Alonso seldom passing up an opportunity to condemn the team since the row at the Hungaroring, surely the Spaniard will be driving for someone else next year.

But who?

Ferrari have Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa under contract and rumours suggest that, if Alonso will join the team, it won’t be until 2009.

Renault, his team from 2002-6 with whom he won two world championships, would be clear favourites on the face of it.

But will he want to join a team that have visibly slumped in performance this year? And would Flavio Briatore’s outfit be willing to pay Alonso’s high salary demands? Nevertheless he has been linked to a straight swap with Heikki Kovalainen, the Finn going to McLaren.

Red Bull have David Coulthard and Mark Webber but the chance of grabbing a big-name star could persuade Dietrich Mateschitz to open his wallet. Reports in Spain have suggested that Ron Dennis will not release Alonso from his contract unless he goes to a team such as Red Bull or Williams that are perceived to be less competitive.

Toyota could certainly afford him but the team doesn’t look like going anywhere. Could Alonso take up the challenge of leading them to the front?

Honda are rumoured to have lost faith in Rubens Barrichello, but surely Alonso wouldn’t want to end up driving something as bad as a RA107?

Williams would also be quite a step down for Alonso, but Rosberg would be a good fit at McLaren.

Staying at McLaren might be the only choice he has left. But it would be extraordinary in the light of what has happened. How would he handle another year with Lewis Hamilton? Would the complaints stop… or increase?

I hope whichever he picks we see a happier Fernando Alonso still racing in F1 next year – it would be a terrible waste if he went into sabbatical.

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  1. I am a really big Ferrari fan and i hope that Alonsowill never come to Ferrari. There were no big problems and fights inside Mclaren untill this year. I’m not saying that this is because of Alonso but these things happen when someone goes to a team just because of money. Anyways why is he so upset? Last year Kimi had a lot worse car and never said a thing.
    Alonso is not a team player. he needs someone like Fisi and Flavio beside him.
    Anyways next year will not be Kimi and Alonso.
    It will be Kimi and lewis!

  2. This is getting ridiculous. Why do u keep saying he only went Mclaren for the money.I say again he went to Mclaren because its his dream team as Aryton Senna was his hero who drove for Mclaren! Get a grip! There have always been problems in Mclaren, JPM does that initials bring back memories???Kimi have already said he was happier after leaving Mclaren, DC said it, JPM said it, hell even Senna left Mclaren for Williams.

  3. hmmmm, well i think he will only go to Renault or Williams if HK or NR leaves and he gets no. 1 status. both have a good chance in my mind. but, my hot tip is on FA going to red bull and webber unfortunantly going to Renault (although i don’t think he will wont to leave red bull). renault will be a much safer bet next year than red bull though, but red bull have big things to come in the future, me thinks.

  4. just adding to that… i shouldn’t have put williams up their becasue NR wont go to Macca and be Lewis’s no 2. so it is either Renault or Red bull. as for macca’s seat if he goes to red bull then i think sutil probably. i dont think the others would break an existing contract to become Lewis’s no 2

  5. i think toyota would be the better choice for him in tearms of salry. but the team lacks compitance. i understud one thing that money is not a big fact to be a good team. toyota has proved that. even thoough toyota will do better in the next season if thry have got alonso cause he is one of the finest driver in formula one

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