F1 in the blogs special: 50 opinions on 2007

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari mediaRead 50 posts from the F1 blogging world on the sensational end to the 2007 season.

Covering Kimi Raikkonen’s championship win, the fall out between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso at McLaren, and loads more, this is what F1 bloggers made of the season…

Kimi Raikkonen – 2007 world champion

Finally! – Raikkonen fan celebrates…

Smile returns to Kimi’s face – …so does the man himself.

I’m so delirious with happiness – Another happy Kimi fan.

Todt wouldn’t have bet on Kimi for title – Raikkonen’s improbably win astounded even his boss.

You can be my wingman any time – The McLaren drivers defeated themselves.

The future of Fernando Alonso

Where will Alonso go in 2008? – His options assessed.

Fernando Alonso signs letter of intent to join Renault in 2008 – The Spaniard has left McLaren.

Is Williams an option for Alonso? – More speculation on his future.

Alonso to give Red Bull 0.6 seconds? – Another possible suitor for the Spaniard.

Alonso pulls an Evita – Spanish hero greets his public.

Alonso may be forced to earn ???20m somewhere else – A satirical look at Alonso’s future.

Alonso funnies – Video humour on the former champion.

Shocking news – What will Alonso’s next move be?

The 2007 season finale

Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari MediaAlonso and Hamilton – the real winners and losers – An Englishman in Alonso’s home town of Oviedo offers his thoughts.

Thanks God it’s over. Or is it? – Spectre of appeal hangs over 2007 season finale.

Lewis lad! – A disastrous weekend for British sport.

Raikk makes it possible – This writer wants to see more teams closer to McLaren and Ferrari next year.

F1 is done – But this American fan couldn’t watch the final race.

The Motorsport Ramblings top 10 2007 – The champion doesn’t come out on top.

Hamilton 7th loses world title – Title slips from the Briton’s grasp by a point.

Grand grand finale – Interlagos was F1 at its best.

Lessons to learn from F1 in 2007, changes for 2008 – How to make the show better.

McLaren stumbles as Kimi delivers masterclass – More on Raikkonen’s title victory.

Stolen by Finland – Rogues’ review.

Brazil fuel irregularity appeal to be heard in Paris on Nov. 15 – This crucial fact was leaked out quietly than the FIA rather than through a formal announcement, for no obvious reason other than obtuseness for its own sake.

Planet Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Interlagos, 2007 | DaimlerLewis Hamilton swaps Stevenage for Switzerland – The Briton heads to a tax-free quiet life.

Lewis moves to Switzerland – ‘Sneaky paparazzi’ to blame.

Tax dodger? – Don’t expect Fernando Alonso to get invited round.

I went to Geneva for the atmosphere – Don’t mention the Nazi gold either.

Hamilton thrills at MTV’s European Music Awards – Another high-profile appearance for Hamilton.

The great big Lewis Hamilton post – He’s been a busy boy.

Top 5 guys I’d want to be – No surprise who features…

Hamilton’s autobiography is published – You’re never too young when you’re famous.

Strange similarities – Lewis Hamilton is just like James Stewart…

Tension at McLaren

Alonso and Hamilton OK, Ron Dennis greedy – McLaren team boss at fault says this fan.

Now the Spanish sport secretary is busting on my team – McLaren under fire.

Mercedes boss defends decision to race Alonso – Norbert Haug insists McLaren were right not to drop Alonso before the final races.

Everything else

Honda’s plans revealed – F1 Insight has some thoughts on the Japanese marque’s future.

Green Formula 1 racing is the new fashion statement – New technology for future F1.

The lowdown on Sao Paulo – One of Red Bull’s Formula Unas writes.

Michael who? What a difference 12 months makes – Schumacher not missed.

Monaco Grand Prix and Singapore Grand Prix – How do the old and new courses compare?

What can be done to improve Formula 1’s coverage? – Blog F1 tackles the thorny TV question.

Realisation of a dream (Kazuki Nakajima column) – Japanese driver on his F1 debut.

Theissen: It was a great season – BMW boss delighted with second overall.

Formula One parent company buys GP2 series
– F1 and feeder category get closer together as CVC buys GP2.

F1 Greatest drivers – None of the current crop feature.

Singapore to host F1 night race – Radical new round for next year confirmed.

When is an F1 engine like a fossil? – Ten year engines for F1 win no favour.

Bernie’s used car blow out – Bernie Ecclestone flogs a massive collection of cars.

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  1. 2007 season, surely?!

  2. Wow that’s got to be my worst typo ever. I’ll get that fixed now…

  3. Great round up of the blogs from the year. I really had allot of fun blogging this year of F1, one of the best seasons for many.

  4. Hey – thanks for including us! It’s been fun starting our site and, like Jules said, it was a great season to be reporting on.

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