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F1 07 review: The year in debates p2/3 12th November 2007, 9:00

The debates have raged all year long on F1 Fanatic. Here’s a few more of my favourites including the raging row over Lewis Hamilton’s controversial restart via the crane at the Nurburgring plus thoughts on street tracks, rookie drivers and ugly F1 cars…

Official: Ross Brawn to join Honda for 2008

Ross Brawn will join Honda as team principal for 2008 confirming rumours that first surfaced in April. The move comes after Jenson Button threatened he would leave the team if it did not make a substantial improvement over its dismal performance this year, when it scored only six points. Button told the Mail on Sunday: […]

F1 07 review: Toyota

Toyota may have ended the 2007 World Constructors’ Championship in sixth place, but it’s tempting to describe them as the worst team in the sport. Having strode into F1 with virtually limitless funding five years ago they have accomplished little and show no promise of improvement in the future. They had yet another middling season […]

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