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Poll: Did Michael Schumacher retire too soon? 14th November 2007, 22:28

Michael Schumacher has topped the testing times for a second consecutive day at the Circuit de Catalunya this week. On the face of it, the seven times champion has lost none of his speed. Was he wrong to retire from F1 last year? This poll is closed. Results were as follows: Yes: 197 (61%) No: […]

Bernie Ecclestone worried FIA will give title to Lewis Hamilton

On the day before the FIA Court of Appeal meets in London to hear McLaren’s protest against the result of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone has threatened to quit if Lewis Hamilton is handed the title: I don?t think that the Formula One fans would like a championship to be won because the temperature […]

F1 07 review: Honda

Good news finally came for Honda fans this week as the rumours were confirmed that Ferrari’s technical maestro Ross Brawn would be joining the team. It’s exactly the news the team needed after an appalling season that ranks among the team’s worst.

The Ben Evans Column: The next Lewis Hamilton

Assessing the environmental impact of the 2007 F1 Championship, it is vital to consider all the trees that were cut down for the reprints of the Lewis Hamilton cash-in books which have subsequently appeared on the shelves. Clearly those chapters lauding his d??but title success have had to be reprinted…

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